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New York Small Scale Food Processors Association

June 5, 2012

Useful resources are key for turning ideas into reality in the food service industry.  In my last blog post I wrote about using the great resources at Cornell to create a scheduled process.  To read more on the Cornell Entrepreneur materials, click here:  My next breakthrough was finding the New York Small Scale Food Processors Association (SSFPA),

Beth Linskey and Liz Beals, members and mentors

The organization includes local farmers as well as small businesses with local products.  It’s the perfect organization for people with a small business, who are trying to get their products up and running.  SSFPA has been extremely helpful to connect us with other like-minded individuals with small businesses like ours and with local farms from whom we buy produce to make our sauce.  It’s run by people like us for us.It’s incredibly satisfying to reach out to people wanting to share information, act as mentors or help us puzzle through a problem to find a viable solution.  Annual membership dues are inexpensive at $30 per year, and you can benefit right away by joining.  Read on to find out exactly how.

Let me take you back to the mistake I made before finding SSFPA.  I thought I needed to get a nutrition label in order to apply for insurance and in order to be prepared for my meeting with a co-packer or other production facility.  I wanted to get the product up and running; and, the nutrition label was one of the pieces I needed in place for that to happen.

What I didn’t realize was that the nutritional information on your product is one of the last things you will need.  In the final steps leading up to production, your recipe may change slightly, which then results in changes to a nutrition label.  Liz Beals, a SSFPA member helped me understand that.  She also let me know that the organization has a resource that supplies members with nutrition labels for as low as $50 per product.  I found this out after I had already spent $150+ getting a nutrition label.  Needless to say, I couldn’t use the original nutrition label.

If you need nutrition labels for your product, the SSFPA is the most economical resource around.  And, membership in the organization comes with so many benefits.

Send an email or tweet me if you have other questions about turning your food product ideas into reality.


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